“Stay Awhile and Listen”

-Deckard Cain

Verne & Wells

Verne & Wells in Kirkland, WA offers an upscale space for geeks to socialize and relax. To manage the club, we charge a monthly fee that covers all the standard amenities and services. This means there are no additional fees to reserve a gaming room, use something from the library, or even grab a snack or drink for the member or their guests, all 24/7 day and night.

There are certain things that may incur additional charges. Things like the concierge service (if you’d like us to run out and grab food for your group that doesn’t already deliver for example) and certain events that have an additional cost above and beyond normal (like bringing in special guests from out of town). These charges are billed to the member’s account and charged at the start of the following month so you don’t need to worry about paying on site.

We charge $75/month for all-inclusive access. Membership is restricted to those over 21 years of age.

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Our Specials

Yearly Membership:

Initiation Fee: Waived

Yearly Fee: $750/Year

Prepaying for a full year gets you two free months!

Event Only Membership:

Monthly Fee: $40/Month

Event only membership allows you to sign up and attend any of our events*, but does not come with an access card for 24/7 access. With events happening every week, this is a great option for those who live further out and can’t get to the club on a regular basis.

* Event fees may still apply, the Event membership allows access to sign up for as many events in a month as you’d like.

Member Referral Bonus:

Members who refer a friend get a one month credit to their account (this can offset your monthly account, or be used for concierge or event fees).

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