Verne & Wells Whether it is a board game or a geek blackjack, there are many geeks who like to get together to take part in some friendly competition now and then. At Verne & Wells in Kirkland, WA, we understand this sentiment and offer you a space and opportunity to do just that. We have an impressive game library in-house for our members’ use.

Events We Host Include:

  • As-Yet-Unnamed Video Game Testing
  • Author Talks & Signings
  • Board Game Days
  • Geek Blackjack (The Shiba Cleans Up Though, She’s a Shark)
  • Gongfu Tea Ceremonies
  • Hearthstone Nights
  • Webcast Tournaments (Complete with Color Commentary)
  • Whiskey Tastings
  • X-Wing Nights

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Our members can now enjoy a variety of delicious locally-made beers, cider or meads even while they are playing. Just step into The Parlour and enjoy a classy environment.

Our Current Events