Verne & WellsProfessional geeks do things every day that touch almost every aspect of people’s lives, and with their ascendency, professionals have been coming out of the woodwork to embrace their geekiness as a point of pride. The Verne & Wells Club in Kirkland, WA is an all-inclusive, members-only social club for geek professionals in the style of the Victorian parlours of old – a space for this new breed of geek. Our facility offers a gaming library, a meeting space.

The geek professional has existed for as long as humans have had an imagination. They were the artists, painting scenes of wonder; authors, taking people to places only dreamed of; and scientists, testing the bounds of accepted knowledge.

The geeks of old included anyone who saw their world as bland and who sought ways to make it more interesting, and that has never been more possible and accepted than it is today.

In the past, these flights of fancy were considered strange as a hobby–much less as a career–but with the growth of consumer computing in the last 20 years–through PCs, gaming consoles, smartphones and the exposure that they bring to other realms of geek–billion-dollar industries have grown around Science, Technology, Escapism and Play.

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